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There are many routes (from 3 km to 10 km or more) and all of them are very beautiful and diverse. The route runs along the Desna, along the Desna itself, through a snowy forest, through lakes. I work in a team of 8 dogs. You can also arrange night skiing (with flashlights). You can put one adult and one child (up to 5 years old) in the sled. All this is accompanied by a musher.

Hire good skis and boots from 36 to 45 sizes. Gliding along the Desna riverbed is very comfortable. I can go and go, and at this time I watch the traces of wild animals. A lot of traces of the hare, forests, wild goats, minks, etc.

Wandering through the snowy forest is always good. A good mood, clear air, a lot of emotions will create a good mood for the whole day. A fireplace will give warmth and comfort !!! Hugging with horses is also not a bad thing, especially with ParaFraz !!!

Have you ever gone skiing for a horse? NO !!! Then go ahead !!! Unforgettable impression !!! On a horse you can develop great speed, get vivid emotions and forget about the hustle and bustle of life.

Exciting entertainment for children. Accompanied by an instructor, a child can ride through the snowy fields or the bed of a frozen river. The trip can last about an hour. Also next to the child can go on cross-country skiing, his parents.

You can go many kilometers on cross-country skiing and get a bunch of adrenaline if you tie two Husky to you! Those who do not know how to cross-country skiing can offer alpine skiing. If this is a family with a small child, then we will seat the child in tubing and go all together.

We accept applications for New Year’s greetings (2020) from Santa Claus, in the House of Husky. Applications by phone 0936915500 Anatoly. What is included in the service: congratulations from Santa Claus; photo session with Santa Claus and Husky; a walk in a dog team led by Santa Claus; Tea party and farm tour.

The original form of the sauna resembles a barrel in which there are panoramic windows. One of them is in the rest room, from there you can watch the falling snow or galloping horses. The second window is in the steam room, from it a view of the lake. Large selection of brooms (oak, linden, cherry, birch). It is possible to put hay in the steam room, which will give a divine aroma.